How do you check your Wi-Fi GHZ on your iPhone?

How do you check your Wi-Fi GHZ on your iPhone? In this day and age of technology, seamless connection is a must, which means you should know how your iPhone’s Wi-Fi works. Knowing the GHz frequency to check your iPhone for Wi-Fi can be very priceless if it is for optimizing network performance or troubleshooting connectivity issues. In this all-inclusive tutorial, we will walk you step by step through how you can determine the GHZ frequency of your Wi-Fi from your Apple iPhone. You can do this without any effort. Let’s get started:

 Understanding Wi-Fi Frequencies

Before jumping into how to check your Wi-Fi GHz on your iPhone, first thing first – understanding Wi-Fi frequencies is critical. There are two main frequencies where wifi operates: 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The 2.4 GHz band might give better coverage even though it may suffer from congestion in densely populated areas; the 5 GHz band provides higher speeds, and it is less susceptible to interference.

Navigating iPhone Settings

To know what GHz frequency your Wi-Fi connection runs at:

  1. Start by opening the Settings app on the phone first.
  2. Just tap on the “Settings” icon located on the home screen straight away.
  3. Once inside the settings menu, find “Wifi” and then tap on it to see available networks.

Identifying Wi-Fi Networks

The list of available networks can be found in the Wi-Fi settings section above. Next to each network name, an information (i) icon will be displayed. You may click/tap the I button next to a connected Wi-Fi network if you wish to check its GHz frequency or the I button next to a Wi-Fi network that has not yet been connected.

 View Network Details

Once you click/touch the I button with the Information symbol, a new window appears showing detailed information about a chosen wireless fidelity (wifi) access point. Here, various details, such as IP address, router address, etc., are provided. Scroll down until you come across the ‘Frequency’ field.

 Determining GHz Frequency

In the field labelled ‘Frequency,’ there is an indication of the GHz frequency for a given wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) network you want to identify. It’s usually either ‘2.4 GHz’ or ‘5 GHz’, depending on your network’s frequency band. This knowledge enables you to gauge the capabilities of your Wi-Fi connection and then make the right choices about network optimization.

 Switching between Wi-Fi frequencies

If your iPhone supports dual-band wifi, and your router has both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies running on it, you can select one that provides better performance. To do this, go back to the wifi settings and click on “Choose a Network.” Then, select the desired frequency band from available options to switch over the connections.


Finally, if you understand how to check your Wi-Fi GZ through your iPhone, you will have better control over your internet services. You can easily find out what frequency band your Wi-Fi is operating at using the guidelines provided in this post. Whether troubleshooting networks or optimizing for the best performance, this information gives you power over connecting in our digital times. Read More


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