How to Disable SOS Emergency Call?

At crucial times or instances of pressure, our mobile phones are a one-in-a-million opportunity to be saved since they can easily connect us with emergency services efficiently through many simple taps. It is disappointing and confusing to accidentally trigger your iPhone’s SOS emergency call function. Whether it is in the pocket or accidental activation, know how to quickly deactivate the SOS mode to prevent unnecessary anxiety and inconvenience. This article will discuss different methods How to Disable SOS Emergency Call?

Understanding SOS Functionality

Before we dive into solutions, it is essential to understand how the SOS feature functions on iPhones. Known as a safety measure, it allows users of an iPhone to make quick calls for help or notify emergency contacts by pressing the fast side button five times. When activated, loud sirens go off from the phone while at the same time calling local emergency services; thus, your location gets shared with those whom you have chosen as emergency contacts.

Disabling the SOS Mode

Immediate Dismissal: Touching “Stop” on the Emergency Call screen after inadvertently activating the SOS mode on your Apple device lets you turn it off in just a few seconds. This stops its countdown and prevents contacting emergency services.

Silencing the Siren: It is possible to mute sirens even if they are enabled by turning down the volume buttons or using the side buttons when in this condition, not intending to make contact with emergency services at all so that no alarm sound comes out but still being able to continue mumbling along in the event someone is listening without canceling an urgent call.

Canceling a Call: To stop an unintended phone call initiation during a crisis using an iPhone, tap the End Call button, which appears red and is displayed on the calling screen. In case there is any suspicion of such an occurrence, ending the call will terminate the emergency services’ connection and turn off SOS.

Face ID/Touch ID: For newer iPhone models with Face ID or Touch ID, you can instantly stop the SOS mode from being activated by pressing either the volume or the side button. This will bring up the power-off screen while bypassing any SOS launching steps.

Avoiding Accidental Activations

Adjust Settings: Changing settings on an iPhone can minimize the chances of accidentally turning on SOS. Go to “Settings,” choose “Emergency SOS,” and switch off “Call with Side Button.” This feature prevents repeated side button presses from making emergency calls.

Emergency Contacts: The emergency contacts section is found in Apple’s Health app on your iPhone, which could also speed up the process and give you peace of mind. Once initiated, those who fall into it are sent a message including where this happened, thus ensuring that there is a way out should they suddenly find themselves unable to speak out from such situations.

Safe Storage Practices: It is only sometimes wise to keep iPhones inside pockets or bags where they might be pressed unknowingly. Also, using cases that protect buttons may prevent accidental activations of the Emergency Call function.

Additional Tips for Troubleshooting

Software Updates: Ensure that your iPhone has been run on its latest version of iOS; regular updates may contain some bug fixes and improvements that touch on issues relating to the SOS functionality.

Restarting your iPhone: Restarting your iPhone sometimes solves software glitches or temporary issues that might trigger unintended SOS activations.

Reach Out for Support: In some exceptional cases where the SOS feature fails to work after trying out all the possible solutions, accessing technical assistance from Apple Support or any authorized service center can help.


However, sometimes, the iPhone’s SOS feature accidentally goes off, causing unnecessary alarms and inconvenience. When you know how to turn off SOS mode and employ preventive measures, you can unintentionally avoid emergency calls. Always remember to change settings, maintain safe storage practices, and keep up with repair procedures, so your device remains a reliable companion during an emergency. With these strategies in place, you can confidently navigate your iPhone’s SOS feature, knowing you’re equipped to handle any situation effectively. Read More

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