How to make a copy of a word document?

How to make a copy of a word document? Microsoft Word is widely considered a must-have application for many workers. Every day, innumerable word documents are generated across the globe to perform various roles such as reports and proposals. What if you had spent your efforts to create a critical report or written a crucial proposal on word only for the file to unexpectedly get corrupt due to different issues causing possible data loss and other challenges? Nonetheless, having an idea of how one can develop backups of their word document is a good move that lowers the risk of such incidences and hence raises productivity in general. Also, routinely storing duplicates of valuable papers on exterior drives or network-based spaces can enhance security and ease-of-use; thus, one can work without fear while enjoying smooth operations.

Why Do You Need to Make a Copy of a Word Document?

Word documents are probably known by every other person because they are used in various sectors like work, school and general activities. Having a Word file copy can be of great help. So why should you even bother making a single extra copy of your Word document?
Here we will enumerate some advantages of duplicating a Word document.
Firstly, creating a copy is just an excellent way to keep your Word document safe in case you need it.
Secondly, if you have no intentions to make any changes in the original text, having another version can save it from accidental editing.
Thirdly, duplicating the document helps when you want to experiment with something without spoiling the authenticity of the original paper.
Lastly, when one has to create many similar documents but with some slight differences among them then this using the original one as template and amending copies is useful for producing several versions quickly and easily.

How to Copy and Paste of a Word Document?

Creating a duplicate of Word documents is really easy. Microsoft word makes it possible for you to easily copy and paste the files without changing anything on the format.
This is one of the simplest methods to duplicate Word documents; it only takes a few seconds, after which everything would be done, including all formatting and styles. To do this, just follow these simple steps:
Open your word document with Microsoft Word or any other word processor that can open MS docs.
Start by creating a new Word file.
Then, highlight all text from the old Word document.
Lastly, paste the highlighted text into your new document.

How to Copy a Word Document in File Explorer on Windows?

When you are working in a Windows system, duplicating your Word document becomes an easy task using File Explorer. All you have to do is select the document that you want to duplicate and press Ctrl+C or choose copy by right-clicking on the same. Then, go to your desired place within File Explorer and press Ctrl+V or select paste by right-clicking. However, this means that your document will be replicated with a different file name usually called “copy”, which makes finding it easier than finding the original one. In simple terms, this method assures that a similar backup or edition of our document for editing extra details on it can be retrieved; hence saves time and energy.

How to make a copy of a word document?

First, to begin with, open Microsoft Word on your computer. This can be done by either typing “Microsoft Word” in the search bar of your computer or locating it in your list of installed applications. Proceed to find out where the document you want to work on is located. For this, go to the “File” menu that is placed at the top left corner of the screen.

Select the “Open” option within this menu and then start browsing through your saved documents. Highlight it by clicking it once after you have found the particular document you are interested in copying. The following step involves copying the document whereby one goes back to file menu and clicks “Save As.” Consequently, a “Save As” dialog box would appear which would be initiated when this action was performed.

On that note, locate a directory or folder where you intend placing it within such a box area.

To differentiate from original ones, do not forget changing its name above that window. Henceforth save as type should be selected by choosing correct file format on dropdown menu. More often than not, default format will be .docx which is standard word document format.

To finish making a copy click save button lastly. Lastly, press Save and make sure it was really created and contains all necessary content before opening up that place again under verification step.By doing so we confirm whether or not this process of duplication has been successfully completed. Read More


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