How to Recover Deleted Facebook Campaigns in 2024?

Facebook has evolved from a social media platform to a significant advertising platform. It offers numerous marketing campaigns to help achieve corporate objectives. These less expensive campaigns reach a large number of clients and website visitors. If you accidentally delete a campaign, this post provides instructions on recovering deleted messages on Facebook. Facebook campaigns are not just for entertainment or social interaction but also for achieving corporate goals.

What is the definition of a Facebook campaign?

Facebook campaign ads are a powerful tool for businesses to promote their products, services, and posts on Facebook and Instagram. These ads can be targeted to specific demographics and posts, ensuring they reach the right audience. By targeting specific groups of people, businesses can increase traffic and attention to their website or Facebook page. These ads appear alongside posts from friends, making them a crucial component of social media marketing.

How Can We Recover Deleted Facebook Campaigns?

  • Log into your Facebook account and go to the Ads Manager.
  • Tap on search and filter, then Ad deliver.
  • Apply the delete option.
  • Select the deleted campaign and click the Edit button.
  • Open a new window with ad information.
  • Click the three dotted lines in the upper right area and select Duplicate.
  • Choose the original campaign and click Duplicate.
  • This process will recover all deleted campaigns.

How Do You Start a Facebook Ads Campaign?

To add Facebook ads, tap the add icon in the Ads Manager app, select your campaign objective, budget, and timetable, and review your ads before placing an order.

What Are the Different Advantages of a Facebook Campaign?

  • Reaching a large number of profitable consumers quickly.
  • Providing honest feedback to target customer regions.
  • Building a good brand reputation through online communication.
  • Identifying products prominently.
  • Creating comprehensive awareness campaigns.
  • Increasing sales and building healthy client relationships.

Steps to Avoid Accidentally Deleting Facebook Ads

  • Utilize Drafts: Create drafts of ads to make changes without affecting live ads.
  • Create a Backup Plan: Create a duplicate ad and store it in a separate folder.
  • Train Your Team: Educate your team on Ads Manager usage and the importance of careful changes.
  • Create a Workflow: Outline steps for creating, editing, and deleting ads to prevent mistakes and ensure understanding.

Contact Facebook Support

If you can’t recover deleted Facebook ads, you can contact Facebook Support. They offer a dedicated support team to assist users with various issues, including ad recovery. To contact Facebook Support, go to the Help Center and submit a request detailing your issue. Alternatively, consider using third-party services like SaveMyLeads, which offers integration solutions to manage Facebook ad data more effectively. SaveMyLeads automates data transfers and backups, ensuring secure storage and easy accessibility of ad information, reducing the risk of accidental deletions. This can provide additional protection and streamline the ad management process.


Facebook has become a vital advertising platform, offering cost-effective marketing campaigns that support corporate objectives. Its versatility allows businesses to target specific demographics, enhancing visibility and engagement on Facebook and Instagram. Recovering deleted campaigns is manageable through Ads Manager steps, and preventive measures like drafts and backup plans minimize accidental deletions. Facebook Support and third-party services like SaveMyLeads provide better ad management and data security. Overall, Facebook campaigns are essential for modern social media marketing, enhancing customer engagement.

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