Recalling Outlook Emails Made Easy: Tips for Successful Recall in 2024

In the workplace, sending unrelated or incorrect emails is a common hazard. To recall an email in Outlook, users can use Desktop clients on both Mac and Windows. However, this feature is only available for web users and requires Microsoft 365 and the recipient to be working in the same location. If you prefer to recall an email sent from a different location, it may not work. The feature is often confusing and hinders daily use due to its complexity.

What exactly does it mean to recall an email in Outlook?

Outlook allows users to recall an email they accidentally sent, allowing them to retrieve it before the recipient reads it. This feature is useful when sending incomplete messages, forgetting to attach files, or sending the wrong person. Microsoft Outlook offers two recall options: deleting the original message from the recipient’s inbox, or replacing the original message with a revised one, which corrects any errors or omissions.

How Do You Recall An Email In Outlook For Desktop?

  • Navigate to the ‘Sent Items’ folder on the desktop.
  • Double-click on the sent mail to recall.
  • Select the ‘Recall message’ button in the email window.
  • Confirm the recall by clicking ‘OK’.
  • Receive a ‘Message Recall Report’ to check the status of the recall.

How Do We Recall an Email in Outlook Using the Desktop Outlook Consumer?

  • Install latest version and activate the client.
  • Click on ‘Home’ and select’sent’ from the left-side menu.
  • Double-click on the email you want to read.
  • Select the’message tab’ in the email window.
  • Select ‘action’ from the right-hand menu and recall the email.
  • If the three-dot menu isn’t available, tap ‘Move’, select ‘Actions’, and Recall the mail.
  • Choose ‘Delete Unread copies of this message’ or ‘Delete unread copies and replace with a new message’.
  • Click ‘Send’ after revising the previous message.
  • Type ‘urgent’ or ‘like this’ to open the revised message instead of the previous one.

What Happens If Outlook Mail Recall Doesn’t Work?

To recall an email in Outlook, it is essential to ensure that the email remains in the recipient’s inbox. Recalling is only possible with a desktop app on Windows or the latest version of Outlook. If you are working in a company with an Enterprise E3 M365 license, contact your administrator to access this functionality. Recalling will only work if the email is in the recipient’s inbox, not if it has moved or been redirected. Ensure the recipient uses an Outlook email account, as Apple Mail, Yahoo, or Gmail may not work. If the recipient has already opened the blotched email, they can ignore it and consider the revised email, which will stay in their inbox until manually deleted.

How Do You Add Delay To Outlook Emails?

  • Outlook users can delay emails to reduce the risk of mistakes.
  • To add delay, go to ‘File’ in the upper-left corner of the screen and select ‘Manage rules & alerts’.
  • Select ‘New rule’ from the Rules and Alerts window.
  • Click ‘Start from a blank rule’ and apply the rule on messages I send.
  • Confirm the rule by tapping ‘Yes’.
  • Defer delivery by selecting the ‘Several minutes’ option.
  • Choose the duration from 0 minutes to 120 minutes.
  • Click ‘OK’ and continue.


Outlook’s email recall feature is a complex yet useful tool for addressing workplace issues of sending incorrect or unrelated emails. It is available for desktop clients on both Mac and Windows and is particularly useful for Microsoft 365 users. The process can be complex and confusing, potentially hindering daily operations. Successful email recall depends on factors like the recipient’s email service and whether the email remains unread. Adding a delay to outgoing emails can also reduce the risk of mistakes. Mastering the recall feature and using preventive measures like email delays can improve communication efficiency and accuracy in the workplace.

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