Receiptify: How to Get Spotify Receipts?

Michelle Liu has developed a website and mobile application called Receiptify, or Spotify Receipt. This enables users to create a personalized “receipt” based on their most frequently played songs on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Last. Fm. This virtual receipt showcases the user’s favourite tracks, preferred artists, and top genres in an aesthetically pleasing format reminiscent of a restaurant bill. Users can select the time frame they wish to explore, whether the last month, the past six months, or their all-time favourites. Once generated, this unique receipt can be easily downloaded and shared across various social media platforms.

Receiptify has gained widespread popularity as an enjoyable avenue for music enthusiasts to exchange and compare their listening preferences. Utilizing Receiptify is a straightforward process – users only need to visit the website and log in with their Spotify, Apple Music, or credentials, and select the desired time frame to generate the receipt. The platform has received positive feedback and has become a notable presence on social media channels.


  • Receiptify stands out with its innovative algorithm, distinguishing it from its competitors in the music creation realm. Employing state-of-the-art technology, the platform guarantees the production of high-quality tracks. It ensures they align with the latest musical trends, creating a perfect blend of timelessness and contemporaneity.
  • What sets Receiptify apart even further is its exceptional customization options. Musicians can personalize every element of their compositions, from melody and tempo to instrumentation. This level of flexibility empowers artists to convey their style, resulting in unique and distinctive compositions.
  • Seamlessly incorporating Receiptify into your current workflow is a breeze. The platform supports many file formats, facilitating smooth collaboration with other software and devices. This compatibility ensures that Receiptify seamlessly integrates into your creative process, becoming an indispensable asset without disruptions.

How can we obtain a Spotify receipt for my most-listened songs?

  • Your Spotify usage can be neatly summarized in a Receiptify-generated receipt, resembling a bill that showcases your musical preferences. This innovative service compiles data from your Spotify account to present your top 10 songs over the past month, six months, and all-time. In addition to offering a glimpse into your musical tastes, Receiptify provides a convenient way to share your favourite tunes on various social media platforms.
  • Launch your preferred web browser and navigate to the Receiptify website.
  • Click on the “Login with Spotify” button to redirect you to Spotify’s login page. Enter your Spotify credentials or utilize a linked account to sign in.
  • Once logged in, authorize Receiptify to access and analyze your Spotify usage data. This step is crucial for creating your customized Spotify receipt, as Receiptify will need to process your Spotify data, a procedure that might take a few minutes.
  • As Receiptify processes your Spotify data, it examines your listening history and preferences to generate your tailored receipt.
  • Upon completing the data processing, you can easily view and download your unique Spotify receipt. This document will showcase your top tracks based on your distinct listening patterns, providing a personalized snapshot of your music journey.

See Your Favourite Spotify Artists

If you’re inclined towards showcasing your favourite musicians over your favourite songs, Receiptify provides a convenient avenue. Simply tap on the ‘Top Artists’ section, and your top 10 artists will grace your screen. Like the rendition of full tracks, you can showcase your top artists for the past month and the last six months or encompass encompass all your listening history. The numerical values accompanying each artist’s name don’t reflect your listening frequency to that artist. Instead, they serve as a gauge of the artist’s overall popularity.

In its previous iteration, Receiptify also allowed users to explore their Top Genres, with the figures alongside each genre representing how many of their top 50 artists fell under that specific category. Unfortunately, the option to explore Top Genres is currently absent on Receiptify, depriving users of this insightful feature. Read More

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