Who is Jared Toller? Everything about Constance Nunes’s Spouse

Jared Toller, an American car lover who was once married to Constance Nunes, a popular reality TV star and model, has become famous for dating Nunes and his undying love for cars. Now 33 years old as of November 5th, 1990, Toller has made a name for himself in the automotive community as anything but a flashy celebrity and retired amateur driver who loved all things mechanical. Despite being down-to-earth, Toller’s life became public due to his marriage with Constance Nunes, best known for appearing on the Netflix show Car Masters: Rust to Riches.

The main aim of this blog post is to examine Jared Toller’s personality, which is full of secrets and secrets such as his childhood years, career path, marriage life, and other engaging parts about him. We hope to bring into light some of the less-known aspects concerning Toller, including how he started in humble beginnings and what kept him going till now, as well as the consequences of significant milestones like marriage and separation with Constance Nunes that had an immense impact on both their lives.

Early Life

From a charming corner of the United States, Jared Toller’s journey started as he was born amidst a close-knit family on November 5, 1990. Brought up with timeless American values and an unwavering commitment to honesty, Toller’s early life set the stage for the emerging person. Although little has been said about his upbringing, one striking feature that seems to be evident in his life is his privacy.

It is beyond doubt that through this childhood experience, he had a great respect for hard work, resilience, and an absolute love for cars. From the moment Jared Toller was born, there hasn’t been a single day in which he didn’t show love for cars. Whether learning to fix engines just by reading car magazines or going with his family to local racing tracks around the neighbourhood, it was clear that Jared loved everything about cars. This natural passion grew stronger over time, leading him to different paths within the automotive sphere that ranged from amateur racing to delving into mechanical engineering intricacies.


Toller’s adolescence has seen a lifelong passion for cars that has gone far beyond mere liking to shape his life course. But Toller is said to be the biggest autophile, as he delved deep into the world of cars and dedicated himself to various pursuits in the automobile industry. As such, no specific details are given about what he did professionally because he was quiet, but Toller’s dedication to his craft was remembered by anyone who got to know him. Drive an auto race car or tune engines precisely; everything Jared accomplished on his journey through the automotive industry took unrelenting stamina and determination.

Jared Toller’s professional career may not be extensively documented, but his impact on the auto sector is too obvious. Formerly, he used to be an amateur racing driver and also a mechanic – hours upon hours were devoted to these activities in order for him to polish up his skills and push the boundaries of automotive potentialities. Without any spectacular accolades or wide-ranging recognition marking his path, Toller left a legacy that remains alive among those enthusiasts who love automobiles as he did.

Marriage to Constance Nunes

It was in 2011 when Jared Toller and Constance Nunes met for the first time, and they did so during an event that their mutual friend had organized. It was as if destiny had crossed their paths from the moment they saw one another. Their first conversation drew them closer together since they discovered that they shared interests and both loved cars. A random encounter grew into a lovely love affair filled with fun, exhilaration, and deep comprehension of each other’s passions.

Their love story reached its summit on February 9th, 2019, when Jared and Constance said I do in a small wedding ceremony held at Piru in California. In front of their friends and family members, they vowed to stay together forever as partners for life.

Thus, amidst breathtaking scenery, the two embarked on married life, sharing dreams and desires while bound by an unbreakable cord of love and devotion.

Personal Life and Privacy

Constance Nunes is Jared Toller’s past partner, who loves to be in the limelight and has no issues exposing herself to the public. In contrast to his former girlfriend Constance, who loves being surrounded by cameras, he prefers a quiet and humble life that makes him look like an ordinary guy.

Others consider this move as a way of blocking people from having personal relationships with him, while others value it as a staunch defense against media invasion. Toller’s preference for privacy over sharing too much information about himself is rare at a time when everyone seems to love broadcasting everything about their lives; it shows how personal spaces are essential in modern society where every person is connected to another. It says a lot about Jared Toller’s priorities and values when he is not on social media, unlike most of today’s social media influencers.

Constance Nunes’s divorce

Although it seemed magical initially, Jared Toller’s and Constance Nunes’ marriage has become a complex emotional terrain. Their relationship was tested when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. They had been together for a long time, but Covid-19 led to their break up due to stresses caused by their careers. After the information came out that Jared Toller and Constance Nunes were getting divorced, several of their fans could not believe this revelation, and they started speculating about what might have led to this. Infidelity was one of the issues that went around despite there being no official communication from either of these stars regarding the matter. Read More

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