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Dan Burrow gained fame as a former American college football player and as the older sibling of Joe Burrow, a prominent NFL athlete. Hailing from a family deeply rooted in football, Dan followed in his father Jimmy Burrow’s footsteps by playing for the University of Nebraska. Excelling in the position of free safety, Dan’s prowess on the field earned him widespread recognition. What adds to the intrigue is that his mother, Robin Burrow, also has ties to the University of Nebraska. She played there during her youth, further solidifying the family’s legacy in American football.

Dan Burrow’s biography

Dan Burrow, a notable figure in American football, is a guiding light for his younger brother, Joe Burrow, who has made waves in the sport. While Dan initially pursued football during his college years at the University of Nebraska, he chose a different path, opting to share his expertise with his sibling, who has flourished in his football career. Despite his presence in the public eye, Dan maintains a level of privacy regarding his personal life and family background.

However, athletics run in their family’s blood, with Dan’s father being a former football player and Dan’s younger brothers making their mark in the sport. Although details such as Dan’s age remain undisclosed, it’s speculated that he is in his late 30s, given that his brother Joe, born in 1996, is 26. This familial bond, intertwined with a shared passion for football, underscores the Burrow brothers’ journey in sports.

Dan Burrow Family

Dan Burrow, born to Jim and Robin Burrow, hails from a family deeply entrenched in football. His father, Jimmy Burrow, boasts a storied career as a former defensive back in the Canadian Football League and the National Football League. He is a retired college football coach who proudly represented the University of Nebraska–Lincoln during his playing days. Despite the plethora of information about Dan’s father, scant details exist about his life, particularly his mysterious wife, whose identity and occupation remain in secrecy.

Dan’s journey in football saw him drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the eighth round of the 1976 NFL Draft, where he made his mark during his debut season. Subsequently, he ventured into the Canadian Football League, showcasing his skills with various teams, including the Montreal Alouettes, the Calgary Stampeders, and the Ottawa Rough Riders.

Transitioning from player to coach, Dan’s coaching tenure culminated as the defensive coordinator for Ohio University, a position he held with distinction from 2005 until his retirement after the 2018 season. Renowned for his longevity and expertise, he solidified his status as one of the most enduring coordinators in Division I football, even assuming the role of associate head coach in his final years. Notably, his exceptional contributions were recognized when he was bestowed with the prestigious title of Scout.com’s 2009 MAC Defensive Coordinator of the Year, a testament to his unwavering dedication and impact in college football.


Daniel Burrow, once a prominent figure in American football, showcased his exceptional skills during his high school and college football tenure. Known by his birth name, Daniel Burrow, he made significant contributions to the University of Nebraska football team. His influence extends beyond the field, particularly evident in his relationship with Joe Burrow, serving as a constant pillar of support and motivation for the younger athlete’s journey. Football prowess seems ingrained in the Burrow family’s DNA. Daniel’s father, Jimmy, also played for the same university and later pursued a career in the NFL, eventually retiring as a coach. The Burrow legacy extends further with Daniel’s two brothers also making their mark in collegiate football, painting a picture of a family deeply rooted in the sport’s culture and tradition. Read More

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