Emi Canyn: Life, Career, and Legacy

Emi Canyn, originally Emi Jo Schmidt, was born on December 5th, 1954, in Tacoma, Washington, and was raised by her parents, Floyd and Eleanor Schmidt, alongside her sister, Joan McMahan. As a Sagittarius by birth sign, she always had the characteristic adventurous attitude with her Independence throughout life. Therefore, Emi’s white heritage was awesomely embraced as part of being a proud American. Regardless of this fame at later stages, very little is known about her childhood years. She studied at Mount Tahoma High School, where she graduated in 1973, thus laying down the necessary framework for additional career paths.


Emi Canyon is a renowned musician who gained fame when she moved to California in the late 1970s to pursue her musical career. She worked as a lead singer for several bands, including Canon, She Roc, and Alice N Thunderland. Important to note is that she once toured with Motley Crue, providing backing vocals during the performances. Emi’s career did not get much media coverage, but she is still famous within the music industry. It was intriguing when I realized that Mick Mars, her ex-husband, an American professional guitarist in an iconic heavy metal group called Mötley Crüe, contributed yet another exciting facet to Emi’s musical heritage.

Who was Emi Canyn’s Husband?

In the past, Emi was once a married woman. After a long time courtship, she married Mick Mars. Their wedding took place in 1990, although the exact place of the ceremony and those who attended remain mysterious. Although they were initially happy, his marriage to Emi faced some difficulties after two years and six months. This eventually led them to go separate ways and ultimately get divorced in 1993. The actual causes of this break up are unknown, adding more mystery to their narrative.


Mick Mars, a highly acclaimed guitarist of the legendary Motley Crue band, is well-known for his exceptional music skills, which led to the creation of numerous famous tracks that fans in every part of the world still love. Nevertheless, despite the massive publicity surrounding Mars’ sexual relationship with Emi Canyn, very little is known about him and her. These two had been introduced to one another when their friendship eventually developed into an everlasting affection. The couple chose to build their love gradually over many years, unlike most celebrities who go for whirlwind romances before Mr. Mars mustered up enough courage to propose. In 1990, her acceptance was a significant milestone in their relationship, leading to happiness and union between these two individuals.

Emi Canyn’s Ex-husband Mick Mars

There was a time when Emi Canyn and Mick Mars came into contact in the music industry, joined by their shared love of the art. Mick Mars, whose original name was Robert Alan Deal, is one of the most outstanding figures in America’s musical history. He is also an ex-guitarist who made it very big in his time, not forgetting that he was also a well-known musician.

Mars, born on May 4, 1951, in America, played a significant role in their success until health problems forced him to retire as an active guitar player. His personal life has been characterize by relationships,reby entangling fame with love. In 1971, he married Sharon, and they had two children together, Les Paul Deal and Stormy Deal, before divorcing in 1974. This was follow by another five-year relationship with Marcia Tucker and four years with Linda Correi, ending in 1984. After that, he started dating Nina Hagen from 1984 to 1987 before destiny led him to Emi Canyn, creating a new page of his life.

Emi Canyn’s Net Worth

Having embarked on her musical career, Emi Canyon accumulated a sizable wealth. Her exceptional skills and talents have seen her grace the stage of various rock and heavy metal bands throughout her life. In short, she has had a remarkable journey marked by triumphs and accomplishments that proved beyond doubt that she was a respected artist. This enabled her to live a fulfilled life with no worries about money. She lived a wealthy lifestyle, enjoying all the trappings of success along with the freedom to indulge in luxury. It is estimated that she is still worth $1 million, showing how much she affect the music world long after she left it behind.

Emy Canyon Death

Emi Canyon was a true professional dedicate to her job and want to be the best she could be for the rest of her life. She eventually returned home to Washington after being away for many years while pursuing her career, and she took it easy there—Lacey, where she lived at the time of her death. On February 25th, 2017, aged 62 years old, she was found dead in her house. They were content that no complications caused his death as he had not been suffering from any illness before that time, and he died naturally, according to close family members. Having never had kids and having lost both parents, relatives assumed responsibility for planning Emi’s burial. Read More

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