The Unidentified Details of Emi Canyn and the Reason for Her Death

Emi Canyn music voyage involved performing in bands like Canon, She Roc, and Alice N Thunderland, where her vocal ability was outstanding. Moreover, as an essential member of Motley Cure’s touring unit, along with Mick Mars, she mesmerized everyone with her enchanting voice. EMI is widely acknowledged because she was the wife of famous guitarist Mick Mars, who started Motley Crue, a well-known heavy metal band. Furthermore, fame accompanied their relationship while enhancing/reflecting Emi’s musical legacy bound within the rock’n’roll spirit of that period.

Early life

Emi Canyn was born December 5, 1954, in stunning Tacoma, Washington, as Emi Jo Schmidt under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. In addition, there was a loving husband with whom she shared her journey; he was born on May 4, 1951, and marked his path in life alongside hers. He turned seventy-one years old in 2022, celebrating the landmarks of a well-lived life.

Besides this, Emi Canyn considers herself an American and is strongly oriented towards Christian values. Her spiritual journey found expression through active involvement in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which taught her to embrace community and faith without wavering.


Mick Mars, renowned for his virtuosity on the stringed instrument in the iconoclastic band Motley Crue, has always been admired for the group’s timeless hits by a massive number of their fans. The circumstances surrounding Mars’ encounter with Emi Canyn have remained unknown. Their meeting sparked an undeniable connection, leading to their profound love. In contrast to many celebrity whirlwind romances resulting in quick marriages, these two individuals were patient. They spent years together before saying “yes” when Mars asked Emi to become his wife.

Upon acceptance of Emi Canyn of Mars’s proposal, a remarkable event occurred, representing the commencement of their journey towards happiness and well-being in marriage. On the other hand, it should be noted that their weddings in 1990 constituted another critical stage in their lives even though there is no information about how it happened or who attended it. However, considering the grand picture of their romance story, such details are insignificant compared to the eternal loyalty binding them together as one soul mates to another.

Emi Canyn’s Net Worth

Her singing career thrived, and she earned a lot of money. Many times in her life, she played the most significant stages with many metal and rock bands, defining a long-lasting career for herself. She could freely live without thinking of the luxuries she wanted because she had enough money. According to reports, Emi Canyn owns a lot of wealth since her net worth is $ 1 million, which shows that she was determined and gifted in music.

Music Career after Divorce

Nevertheless, she remained unwavering in her quest to become a successful musician despite the challenges of divorce. In groups such as Alice N Thunderland and She Rok, she was the big voice who would astonish anybody with her talents and determination that would see her finish an album with Alice N Thunder land. She attracted people’s attention through this because of her resilience and love for music. Thus, she received features in different rock and metal publications that cemented her position in the music industry.

Emy Canyon Death

Emi Canyn dedicated her life to the work and always tried to improve. As she grew older, she moved back home to Washington, where she concentrated more on personal activities. Until her death, she was living in Lacey. She died on February 25, 2017, at the age of 62, at her residence. Her family said that she had died peacefully after leading a fulfilled life because of natural causes. Due to her being childless and having lost both parents, it was up to her siblings to handle funeral arrangements.

Her family members said Emi to be a compassionate, talented, loving lady whom they adored for her mild nature and kindness. It entailed Emi’s professional accomplishments and how well she treated other people. Read More

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