What is Snapchat Planets? Everything You Need to Know

Undoubtedly, Snapchat is the favored social media platform for the younger generation, particularly among Gen Z users. Beyond its already rich features, Snapchat Plus enhances the user experience with exciting and innovative upgrades. The app consistently introduces fresh elements to its premium subscription, enabling users to customize its icon, track who revisited their stories, and designate specific friends as Best Friends Forever (BFFs). To delve deeper into this last feature, Snapchat’s Plus subscription has unveiled an intriguing addition known as the Snapchat Friend Solar System. This unique feature assigns celestial bodies to your close friends, adding a layer of personalization to your social connections.

Features of Snapchat Plus

  • Have you ever thought about designating your closest pal as your ultimate #1 Best Friend on Snapchat? It’s akin to awarding them a virtual gold star within your circle of friends.
  • Are you curious about who’s been repeatedly viewing your Snapchat story? Unlock the mystery with this handy feature that reveals when someone replays your story.
  • Give your Snapchat a unique touch by personalizing it with custom icons. Tailor it to your liking for a personalized app experience.
  • Explore your creative side by customizing your Snapchat theme. Experiment with colors and styles to transform Snapchat into a platform that reflects your personality.
  • Embark on a cosmic journey with the Friend Solar System, an ingenious feature that ranks your friends based on the frequency of your interactions. It’s like curating your very own celestial list of friends where the magic of connections unfolds.

The Order and Significance of Snapchat Planets

In the unique and captivating realm of the Snapchat cosmos, each celestial body within the friend solar system mirrors a distinct ranking on your roster of Best Friends. Interestingly, the sequence of planets in this social orbit precisely mirrors the arrangement of planets in our familiar solar system. As the radiant center, akin to the Sun, you hold the pivotal position in your Snapchat friend’s solar system. Mercury takes residence as the comrade with whom you exchange the highest volume of snaps and chats. At the same time, Venus assumes the second role in closeness, and this cosmic connection continues its celestial dance until Neptune secures the esteemed eighth position as your cherished best friend.


Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun, albeit smaller in size; its proximity to the Sun is noteworthy. When navigating the celestial terrain of Snapchat planets, designating someone as your Mercury suggests a profound closeness. However, uncertainty lingers about whether the reciprocity of this friendship places you in the esteemed position of being their closest confidant.


As the second-closest planet to the Sun, Venus boasts a larger size than its predecessor, Mercury. When tagging a friend as Venus on Snapchat planets, it signifies a special bond, marking them as your second dearest companion. Have you identified your Venus amid the vast galaxies of Snapchat friendships?


Positioned as the third planet from the Sun, Earth takes center stage in Snapchat Planet’s hierarchy as your third closest friend. Interestingly, Earth and the Sun frequently grace poetry and literature pages. Nonetheless, in the Snapchat cosmos, the designation of a friend as your Earth underscores their status as your third most cherished confidant.


Residing farther away from the Sun in our solar system, Mars, albeit smaller than Earth, marks a decrease in friendship. Bestowing the title of Mars upon someone indicates they hold the rank of your fourth closest friend on Snapchat planets.


Jupiter, situated as the fifth planet from the Sun, assumes the role of your fifth-best friend in the Snapchat Planet lexicon. Have you explored the distant realms of your Snapchat friendship galaxy to identify your Jupiter?


Occupying the penultimate position in the solar system, Saturn aligns with the sixth spot on the Snapchat planets. Designating someone as your Saturn implies a friendship that is not swift but holds a significant place in your social constellation.


As the second-to-last planet distanced from the Sun, Uranus assumes the seventh position in Snapchat planets, symbolizing a friend who may not be the fastest to connect with. It might sting a bit, doesn’t it?


Closing the planetary lineup as the last planet orbiting the Sun, Neptune is the ultimate close friend on Snapchat planets. Neither overly small nor excessively large, Neptune represents the concluding chapter in your celestial friendships on the app.

How does the Friend Solar System on Snapchat work?

To begin with, the initial step involves becoming a subscriber to Snapchat Plus to gain access to insights about your standing in your friend’s social orbit. After successfully subscribing, upon visiting a friend’s profile, you’ll notice either a “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge adorned with a distinctive gold outline. The significance of the Best Friends badge lies in both individuals holding a coveted spot within each other’s top eight best friends. On the other hand, the Friends badge indicates your inclusion in their top eight best friends, although the feeling might not be reciprocated.

A simple tap on either badge unveils the precise positioning within the Friend Solar System. Adding an intriguing dimension to this social solar system, the level of intimacy is creatively portrayed through celestial bodies representing different ranks in their best friend hierarchy. For instance, assuming the role of Jupiter in their Snapchat galaxy implies securing the fifth spot in their inner circle of confidants, adding a unique and personalized touch to the virtual cosmic connection. Read More

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