Who is Martie Allen? Biography, Age, and Wife

Martie Allen was born in the United States on 1st January 1960 and is now sixty-two. Once a star of the screen, she was not only known for what she did but also for being married to another famous actress cum singer called Christina “Kristy” McNichol. In 2012, their love affair hit the headlines when Kristy herself openly announced her romantic affiliation with Allen, thus formalizing their relationship after living together for almost three years. They have inspired many people who have learnt from them about having different stories about their affairs and how society should treat them.

Martie Allen Bio

Martie Allen’s early life and education are a mystery; she was married to Kristy McNichol, though she has been her partner for life, and there are few details about it. She has a brother called Jimmy McNichol, who, like her, also started working in the movies during his childhood years.

BothMartie Allen and Jimmy went into advertising to show their skills toto a wider audience. Nevertheless, that is not where the story of Martie ended up; her way was made in TV shows and movies while her abilities and efforts made her one of America’s most famous actresses ever. Her achievements have created an unerasable legacy that wins adoration from fans worldwide.


Like her early years and education, Martie Allen’s career history is shrouded in mystery. Nonetheless, there were signs she wanted to work in the film or TV industries, like her girlfriend, Kristy. She chose a different path from fame and did not reach its peak as well. The information about what followed after that is barely available regarding the the fleeting period of a professionally known person. Conversely, Kristy’s rise to stardom was gradual with her presence being solidified in the public eye from teenagehood into early adulthood.

Martie Allen and Kristy’s Relationship

Martie and Kristy have been life partners since Martie retired from her acting career in 1998. Kristy discovered a new passion forfor teaching acting at a privately owned school in Los Angeles during the early the2000s. Accompanied by her teaching, she is also involved in several charities. Regarding personal hobbies, yoga classes are what Kristy likes to do when free. In addition to travelling, she plays tennis. They chose not to reproduce but instead shower their dear little dachshunds with love because they bring happiness and companionship into their home together with them.

Martie Allen’s Personal Life

After her twenty-four-year acting career, Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol decided to pursue personal happiness away from the public limelight. They enjoy playing tennis, practising yoga, and travelling to new places. In Los Angeles, McNichol currently shares her knowledge of acting at a private school while participating in charity work. The decision on whether they will become parents remains unknown, but their mutual interests and well-being strengthen their bond.

Martie Allen’s Net worth

The wealth of Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol has ever struck your mind. It’s alleged that their net worth is around 7 million dollars. The money has primarily been made through Kristy McNichol, a well-known star in singer, comedian and actress careers for the period. Although McNichol no longer acts, she uses her talents to mentor the modern generation of actors in a private school situated in LA. Read More

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