Chai App Guide: How to Engage With AI Chatbots?

The Chai App introduces an exciting new way to interact online through its innovative AI chat platform. Users can dive into conversations with a wide array of AI characters, spanning from lifelike to imaginative, each boasting distinct personalities and backgrounds. What sets Chai App apart in the landscape of NSFW character AI is its extensive selection of dynamic AI personas, ensuring immersive roleplay adventures tailored to individual tastes. Moreover, the platform continually updates its roster of characters, keeping the experience fresh and engaging for users exploring different interests and preferences.

How Does The Chai App Work?

Among its competitors, Chai is a mobile application designed for Android and iPhone users, offering a distinctive AI-based experience. While other competitors like Character AI and Crushon AI do not have mobile apps, Chai provides an effortless way for people to interact with chatbots and create their own based on artificial intelligence. This program is from Chai Research, a creative technology start-up located in Palo Alto, California, that allows you to interact with AI chatbots through text, among other functions, including enabling users to make their personalized AIs; hence, it also supports creativity through this method.

How to Use the Chai AI Chat App?

To start using it, you need to download and install the Chai app on either your iPhone or Android device. Go to your device’s app store and search for ‘Chai’; then download an application labelled either ‘Chai – Chat with AI bots’ (for iOS) or ‘Chai – Chat with AI Friends’ (for Android). After installation, you will be asked to sign in using your Facebook, Google or Apple logins.

Once logged in, customize your username and avatar as you please, then dive into the realm of conversations driven by artificial intelligence. Navigating through the Chai app is no big deal. Choose any chatbot you want to communicate with and type something in order to begin a discussion. You can opt for one of the best-performing AI bots that are visible on leaderboards or choose new ones by tapping on a circular chat button found at the top of this application. Each bot comes with its profile picture and a short description, as well as the rating and number of interactions conducted so far.

Alternatively, use the search bar tool when finding particular bots. The chats section contains all of your conversations; this section is recognizable by a square chat icon situated at the top part of the application. Swipe left on any individual chat to delete them one by one, or select ‘Delete All’ if you would like to remove all saved chats simultaneously. And now you’re ready to have engaging talks with Al-bots! Stay aware, though, that Chai sets a limit of 70 messages during every three-hour interval, hence ensuring quality conversation toward which end dialogues may take their course.

How can we prevent roleplaying on the Chai App? 

If you don’t want your bot to go into roleplaying on the Chai App, one good way is to rework the prompts so that they do not encourage roleplaying at all. Make the dialogue and answers of your bot such that there are no hints or situations that may lead to a roleplay. Instead of a real-life conversation, use a slangish wording system, emojis, emoticons and abbreviations, which makes it feel like casual texting. This strategy has worked well in diverting interactions away from role-playing. The style of informal typing has huge implications for how your bot interacts with people. In case your chatbot’s persona is formal, however, adopting an informal response style can help maintain non-role-playing conversations as intended. Additionally, including some personal notes based on the user’s interest or context would add more realism to the conversation.

Is the Chai AI App Free To Use?

Chai AI application functions based on the freemium model, whereby it offers free and paid versions referred to as Chai Premium. The unpaid one limits users with time-related factors and shows advertisements which have to be seen before talking with a chatbot and sending up to 70 messages every two hours and thirty minutes. Signing up for Chai Premium, accessible through both monthly and yearly payments, will remove these boundaries. It makes the messaging tool work without any time limits, so subscribers using it enjoy a chatbot that has no ads. In contrast, messaging is unlimited, thus giving a better user experience in general. Read More

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