Gia Ruiz’s bio, net worth, height, weight, and husband

Gia Ruiz was born on May 23, 1976, in Los Angeles City, California, and is a multi-talented artist with a lively character who belongs to the Gemini Zodiac sign and proudly holds American nationality. Despite being acknowledge for her artistic work, she is mostly identified as the spouse of Danny McBride, an accomplished American actor. In LA’s downtown region, Gia grew up together with her siblings after their father acted in plays at one of the theatres in town while her mother worked as a nurse at one of the area’s hospitals. The first time she saw her dad acting in the nearby theatre when she was young made her fall madly in love with that particular art form, which is how she ended up acting.

Early on, she was deeply involve in performance arts because Gia became an active member of her elementary school’s theatre club and took part in several drama performances on stage. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until high school, where she interacted with other aspiring actors and actresses that she realized there were other careers than being on stage.

Bio of Gia Ruiz

She belongs to a Caucasian ethnicity and follows the Christian religion. Despite her openness about personal issues relating to her life, she has chosen not to disclose anything about her family. Similarly, there is littleh information publicly concerning her relatives or siblings.

Furthermore, Gia did not let it pass by without following an academic path, for she later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Arts that laid the foundation for her lifelong desire in the arts. As a little girl, this was the dream of aspiring for a better life as an artist, which she passionately followed. However, she ended up being an art director instead of what she wanted to be at first, given that this showed her flexibility and creativity skills in the arts Industry.

Professional Life

Gia is a talented, multi-skilled person who has mastered art direction and scriptwriting. G is especially known for being Danny McBride’s wife, an established actor, comedian, and writer. She began working as an assistant to disabled students at Los Angeles City College in 2002, thus her commitment to inclusive education. She first caught attention with “The Foot Fist Way,” released in 2006; it was her debut as an art director of the film where Danny McBride featured as Fred Simmons.

Her position behind the scenes remained unchanged despite close involvement in showbiz. After taking up an art direction role initially, Gia quickly moved on as a department assistant for the Eastbound & down TV series in 2009, starring her husband, Danny McBride, as Kenny Powers. This change demonstrate how adaptable she could be and that there were numerous things she still need to explore within the entertainment industry through different projects before dedicating herself completely to them.

Gia Ruiz Relationship

Danny McBride is a versatile artist who has acted, performed comedy, written, and produced. Gia, his wife, shares life with him. It all started in 2002 during an exciting Super Bowl meeting. After that, Danny and Gia initiated a new chapter in North Carolina, looking for new opportunities and having fun together. Their love story peaked on October 9, 2010, after dating each other for nine years. They decided to have their wedding at a quiet place, so they chose the Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs, California. After that eventful day at Colony Palms Hotel, the couple grew in love and eventually got two children; first, Ava McBride was born in 2015, followed by Delan McBride on September 26, 2016, adding more fun to their family journey. Read More

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