Where is the microphone on the iPhone 11?

Where is the microphone on the iPhone 11? Entering an age of technological wonders, smartphones have become a necessary part of our everyday existence. Being one among numerous functionalities that smartphones possess, the microphone has a significant value in supporting communication, issuing voice commands, and recording. The design of the iPhone 11 is smooth, and it often leaves users anxious about where exactly its microphone lies in this device. In this article, we will examine the intricacies behind placing microphones on an iPhone 11, uncovering its hidden place and exploring its features.

Understanding iPhone 11’s Microphone Configuration

Just like any other previous models, precision engineering is applied to optimize both functionality and aesthetics with respect to the iPhone 11. Apple strategically places multiple microphones within the phone in terms of its microphone configuration. Among these microphones, there is only one primary microphone located at the lower edge next to the lightning port, primarily intended for audio capturing during calls, recordings, and user’s voice commands.

Exploring Secondary Microphone Locations

Besides the primary microphone, the iPhone 11 boasts several secondary ones on strategic points aimed at effective noise suppression while improving audio quality. One such secondary microphone sits right on top of the device, just beside the front camera. This microphone plays a crucial role in recording clear sound when using FaceTime calls, making videos, or even dictation.

Unveiling the Concealed Microphone Grille

Underneath that sleek exterior design lies another set of speakers that cannot be easily spotted by many people who see it for the first time: The iPhone 11 conceals another micro-grille that eludes casual observations too often. Atop the device near the rear camera, module is where you find this hidden grille, which practically merges with everything else around it, generating a perfect blending effect to match up with all contents of your device accordingly without necessarily being so conspicuous. This particular microphone acts together with primary and secondary ones, thus assuring optimal clarity in sounds as well as cutting down background noises, especially when video recording and environmental audio capture are taking place.

Enhancing Audio Performance with Beam forming Technology

Apple constantly seeks to push the limits of innovation in order to provide unmatched user experiences. In the area of audio, the iPhone 11 leverages advanced beam forming technology to enhance its microphone performance. When capturing sounds, this technique enables the device not only to focus on a specific direction but also to suppress ambient noise, resulting in clear voice calls, recordings, and voice commands.

Optimizing Microphone Functionality through Software Integration

There have been various improvements regarding hardware; thus, Apple has also used its own unique software-based mechanisms to improve microphone functionality in iPhone 11. The operating system running on this device, i.e., iOS, incorporates smart algorithms that are intended to enhance various aspects related to audio processing, such as noise cancellation and voice recognition, among others. The integration of this hardware-software makes it possible for one to use their iPhone 11 across several audio tasks without any interruptions.


In pursuit of technological excellence, Apple’s iPhone 11 exemplifies innovation and user-centred design, which places multiple microphones strategically along with advanced implementations like beam forming and software optimization, resulting in an unprecedented increase in its sound quality at all levels. Understanding where your phone’s microphone is located might help you understand better how much science has gone into designing these devices. So, if you ever find yourself wondering about your iPhone 11’s microphone, just know that invisibly it is working hard to make sure that whatever you utter can be picked up distinctly via this small gadget’s hidden yet functional presence within it all. Read More


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